Home Improvement Pros, Inc. - FAQ

1. Who uses HomePros?
HomePros is an online community that serves the needs of the entire industry, including Homeowners, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Interior Decorators, Retailers and Manufacturers.

2. How much does HomePros cost?
HomePros is free!

3. How long does it take to set up a HomePros account?
Less than 5 minutes.

4. How does HomePros benefit Homeowners?
HomePros provides Homeowners the ability to browse information on home improvement projects through helpful online resources such as project considerations, design ideas, DIY information, online product and services directory, interactive forums and blogs, photos, and videos. Homeowners can post information about projects they have done and share their experiences with the community.

5. How does HomePros benefit Contractors?
HomePros allows Contractors to easily create an online profile that serves as a mini website free of charge, outlining areas of service, past job portfolios, testimonials, and a website address to market online and off including flyers and business cards. Contractors also show up in the online directory exposing them to Homeowners, Designers and other Contractors looking for a professional.

6. How does HomePros benefit Designers and Decorators?
Designers can use HomePros to manage an online portfolio of work and past jobs, including pictures and designs to show off their work to the public. Designers show up in the directory, exposing their business to Homeowners and Contractors looking for skilled design and decorating professionals for their next home improvement job.

7. How does HomePros benefit Retailers and Manufacturers?
HomePros provides Retailers and Manufacturers an easy to use platform to drive recognition and traffic to their product lines. Homeowners and Contractors alike can find information on products that will be very useful to their projects, including the latest in retail as well as installation instructions and product manuals.

8. How can HomePros help my business market online?
Online advertising is very competitive, from costs associated with building a website to banner ads and search engine placements. HomePros allows individuals and larger companies alike an opportunity to leverage their technology to build a web presence, and the ability to take advantage of HomePros marketing skills and budget to gain exposure otherwise not accessible.

9. How long has HomePros been in business?
HomePros has been in business for 2 years and has been formed by Internet marketing executives with decades of combined experience across all sectors.

10. What is HomePros coverage area?
HomePros is nationwide.

11. How can I contact HomePros?
Please contact us here.

12. Does HomePros share my information with Members?
HomePros never shares personal information of its Homeowner members, and Contractor, Designer and Retailer/Manufacturer company information is made available only by the member and only through the online directory available for those looking for products and services.

13. Can I link to my website from my HomePros profile?
Yes. We encourage those professionals who currently have websites to link to and from their HomePros profile. This provides extra exposure to your current site, and added search engine ranking benefits.

14. Will my HomePros profile show up in the major search engines?
Yes. Your HomePros profile has been set up to show up in major search engines when people search for your company name, or products and services you provide.

15. Can I link to my HomePros profiles from other websites or use it on my business cards?
Yes. Your HomePros website address will never change unless you change it. We encourage our Members to market their site as they would any other online, with flyers, and on business cards. Ex. http://users.homepros.com/hip