How It Works

HomePros is a unique and innovative online meeting place where homeowners, contractors and designers all come together to make the home improvement process easy and efficient. Providing unmatched communication and interaction fueled by powerful Social Networking and Business Process Management applications, HomePros truly removes the barriers involved in common projects and services for the home.

Homeowners - Receive job quotes from certified contractors and designers in your area, and share advice and ideas with other homeowners in HomePros' interactive forums.

Contractors - Find prospective local clients, as well as other contractors and designers to collaborate with using HomePro's Social Networking platform. Further use HomePros to cultivate, close and manage new business.

Designers - Locate contractors to implement your designs, and post your portfolio directly online, complete with images. Nurture new business and manage ongoing customer relationships with HomePros.

Our mission is to streamline and simplify the home improvement process for all involved. Everyone meets at HomePros.

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