Home Office and Library Design Ideas

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homeofficeRemember that stuffy feeling and the smell of mildew when you walked into your public library? That is the opposite feeling you want when decorating your home office or library. This can be a room you spend everyday in or a place you use to relax with your favorite book. You want your library to be bright so it makes you feel motivated and energetic.

Paint - This room should be a brighter shade that stimulates your senses. Every color generates different feeling to the human mind. With that in mind buttery yellows or a sage green would be a great choice because both of theses colors are said to be soothing yet motivating. You will want to pick colors that will be appropriate to the size of the room. Lighter shades open a smaller room and darker shades make rooms appear smaller.

Lighting - Your home office or library should be bright enough to be comfortable for your eyes. Natural light will be the best for the day, so if you have a choice of rooms when designing your office or library choose the room with the most windows. Think corner office with a view! Table lamps can be a great accent, try an old bank-teller light with a pull cord, it will give the room a traditional feel. Try using warm fluorescent bulbs or halogen bulbs, these are energy saving and cost effective. If you tend to work at night in your office in front of a computer screen you may want some softer nighttime options for lamps.

Accessories - Accents can play a big part when making your space feel like a home office or library. No office or library is complete without a globe or atlas hanging on the wall. If you have a college diploma or any other award mounted on the wall it will add a studious feel to the room as well as show of your accolades. A heavy material drapery that is floor length would add a great touch. If you use a darker drapery choose lighter color paint for walls. It would be a great balance, and in the evening you can block out the outside distractions.

Furniture - Furniture and shelving are also something to consider when planning this space. You will need ample shelving space to store and display any books in your office or library. A dark, rich mahogany wood is a great option. Keep in mind how many hours you will be spending in your office chair. You will want something on wheels for your computer chair to make moving around easier. Tuck a floor lamp, an oversized chair, and ottoman in the corner, and you are ready to curl up with a good book for hours.

After you evaluate these components, and decide the overall purpose of the room whether it is for business or pleasure it will be a worthwhile investment.