Kid's Room Design Ideas

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kidsroomEntertaining a child can be hard job. Wouldn't it be nice if you had a room that could help keep your child occupied? You can design a safe and entertaining space for your child in their bedroom. A child's bedroom doesn't only have to be a place for them to have sweet dreams but a place for them to play their favorite games as well.

Paint - Focus on bright and fun colors. When choosing the color think of the primary colors which are red, yellow, and blue. Primary colors are brighter and more stimulating than a subdued tone. If your child's bedroom is a play room, pick a color that has high energy. Choose an eggshell paint finish which is easy to clean in case they decide to play tic-tac-toe on their walls!

Lighting - Look for lighting you can control. The lighting should be big and bright when your child is playing and soothing and dim when you are reading to them at bedtime. Installing a dimmer switch is a great idea. For safety reasons, remove any floor lamps or table lamps that are within child's reach. Also, make sure you have the safety plugs in all electrical outlets.

Accessories - This will depend on the theme of the room. For example, for boys, you can have pictures of sports, animals or cars and trains. For girls, you can have a shelf with dolls and figures. You can add an art easel to enjoy drawing to their imagination. If you child is into astronomy, you can use string to hang hand-made planets of the solar system. Keep in mind, the accessories should tie into the entire theme of the room, so work around what your child likes.

Furniture - Look for durable furniture which your child can grow with. For example, look for furniture sets that offer a solid wood twin base bed frame and high-boy dresser. This will provide the flexibility of keeping the same furniture for several years and just accent the room differently as their taste changes. On the flip side, you can get a racecar or princess castle shaped bed; however, keep in mind that children grow quickly, so you will have to replace in a few years when they outgrow this theme and size bed.

When designing and decorating your child's room, focus on fun colors, controlled lighting, theme-based accessories and durable furniture. Remember, children grow fast, so making this room fun and safe using these elements will provide a memorable childhood while saving money for their future college education!