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EnergyStar for Green EnergyThe Department of Energy(DOE) - One of the DOE's primary goals is to promote the United State's energy security by promoting clean, reliable and affordable energy while cleaning up the hazardous by-products of legacy energy use. Through the backing of programs aimed at promoting and financing innovation, the DOE continues to improve the environment and encourage safer energy-efficient practices that serve national economic and security interests.

The DOE Office of Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Resources (EERE) works closely with the building industry and manufacturers to develop technologies and practices to improve or build more energy-efficient homes and multi-household buildings through multiple programs and educational services. One of the most widely recognizable programs is EnergyStar.

EnergyStar is a DOE backed program that serves to encourage businesses and individuals to use more efficient energy technologies. The goal of the program is increase awareness, affordability and purchases of energy-efficient products including; windows, appliances and compact florescent lighting products. ENERGY STAR appliances incorporate advanced technologies that use 10 to 50 percent less energy and water than standard models.

To the goals, EnergyStar first works with manufacturers, retailers, state and local governments and utilities companies to establish energy conservation standards. Furthermore EnergyStar works with manufacturers and retailers to promote and market products with that meet the EnergyStar standard.

Furthermore the DOE credits the EnegryStar program with:

  • Reducing the United State's energy demand by 5% or 170 billion kilowatt hours.
  • Reducing the amount of green house emissions by the equivalent of the annual output of 25 million automobiles.
  • Saving consumers over $14 Million in energy bills.

The Builders Challenge - Through the EnergyStar program the EERE has established funding to challenge builders to construct 220,000 "high performance homes" by 2012. The EERE rates homes with the use of their EnergySmart Home Scale or E-Scale. To qualify as a high-performance home it must meet a 70 or better.

Builders are encouraged to meet the challenge through use of the established EnergySmart Home Scale, Technical Resources and Marketing. Also, top builders will be recognized and awarded on annual bases.