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Greenhouse - Green Energy - Solar Heating

Solar HeatingSolar Heating is the process of using solar energy for the purposes of space heating, hot water heating and heating pools. With electricity and fuel costs rising from a growing global demand for natural resources, now is a better time than ever to consider alternative methods for heating your home and water supply. Second only to wind, solar energy is the most widely used alternative to fossil fuels in the world. Through mass deployment and many years of development, Solar Heating is one of the most effective alternatives to using heating oil or electricity.

Passive Solar Heating in its pure form does not require electricity. Effective distribution within the household depends on home design elements that may not be available for an existing home. A purely passive solar heating deployment uses one or more of the natural heat transfer modes - conduction, convection and radiation. There are still options to evaluate for an existing home that will reduce a household's dependence on nonrenewable resources.

Passive Solar Energy Design Considerations:

  • Large Windows - Should face south and not be shaded by tree limbs or shrubbery.
  • Sunlight Absorbing Material - Dark surface areas like walls and floors or a water container in the direct path of sunlight.
  • Thermal Mass - Heat retention material that is behind or below solar absorbing material (e.g. water tank below a solar panel)
  • Proper Distribution �Traditional homes enlist the aids of blowers and fans to circulate air.
  • Temperature Control - Temperature control elements include window blinds, dampers, vents and even electronic temperature sensors that turn on and off fans.

Active Solar Heating - uses electric pumps to transfer thermal mass or heat retention material from a solar receptor to the home. In the case of using Active Solar Heating for water, pumps can also transfer heated water to tanks.

Active Solar Heating Components include:

  • Solar Panel or Collector
  • Network of tubing from Panel to a water tank and radiators within the home
  • Fluid to Transfer Heat - Typically treated water