Water Havesting with Water Tanks

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Water Havesting with Water TanksUnderground tanks - These tanks gather water from roof tops and low lying areas through a series of drains and pipes.

  • Water is then purified through various filtration methods and pumped back into the home through traditional pluming means.
  • It is important that if the water is to be used for human consumption that a proper testing process is put in place or the tank is professionally checked on a regular bases.

A summer downpour that delivers a � inch of rain can drop enough water on the average roof to fill a 50 gallon container for used in the yard and home or contribute waste water to city sewer systems.

Environmental Benefits - When factoring in other run off areas like drive ways and sidewalks, the total waste water a single property adds to the environment can be staggering.

Conservation - During harsh summer months water becomes scarce and restrictions on water consumption for landscaping use are often the first to be enforced. Having a supply available you can keep those expensive flowers and shrubbery that took so long to select plant and grow alive. Lower monthly utility bills - During the summer months 40% of water consumption for an average household is spend on landscaping alone.

Calculation for Water Harvesting Yield - A homeowner can calculate the exact amount of rainwater your roof can collect per year. Understanding that an inch of water per square foot = .623 gallons and knowing the average annual rainfall amount in your city, you can estimate the amount of water that can be collected from your roof.