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Fireplace Repair & Chimney Sweep Considerations

Both fireplace repair and chimney sweeping are daunting tasks. In order to keep up your home's safety and cleanliness these jobs need to be annually done. Most fireplaces are in need of a thorough cleaning, ash removal, and if it is an older fireplace, can most often need masonry repair. When examining the current state of your fireplace and chimney you should check for flashing, leaks, smoke entering the home, masonry or brick restoration, and down drafts. It is good practice to assess the state of your chimney once a year.

Chimney's can be in need of various services such as chimney crown repair or replacement, repainting, top mounting damper repair or installation, mortar filling, restoration, tuck pointing, restoration, and brick repair. Masonry cracks in fireplaces are the most common reasons for the need of repairs. Cracks do not necessarily present an immediate hazard but can lead to major issues down the road. If you the homeowner do not have masonry experience it is a good idea to let a professional handle the repairs. The most hazardous issues dealing with your fireplace and/or chimney arise with a damaged flue or items leading to chimney fires. Chimney fires can cause major damages and if your flue is not working properly a toxic amount of carbon monoxide can be entering the home.

Chimney sweeps should be a yearly practice and consist of removing the black tar-like residue that coats your chimney. The residue, or creosote, is highly flammable and when removed eliminates the possibility of a chimney fire.

To ensure that your fireplace is sound and safe to contain a fire it is a good idea to have your fireplace assessed by a trained fireplace mason. They will be able to tell you if there are repairs that must be made.

This is one thing we have found many different approaches to the maintenance you may want to find people in the community that own your same type of fireplace to discuss how they go about maintenance.