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HomePros Now Displaying "How To" Videos - June 29, 2009
We are always trying to provide HomePros homeowner members with the best content and resources available as they move throught their projects...
Should I Buy a New Home or Remodel? - June 20, 2009
For most people our first homes are known in the market place as a "starter home". The home was most likely chosen primarily for financial considerations.
Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling - The Power of Knowledge and Choice - May 29, 2009
Per square foot, bathrooms are the most expensive areas in the home, followed by kitchens. Unnecessary problems can arise...
The Science Behind Going Green - December 9, 2008
As we have mentioned, it is the goal of HomePros to bring green alternatives to the root level where homeowners are in the discovery phase of an improvement project.
ARTICLE CONTEST - "What Green Means to You" - December 9, 2008
The winner will receive a $100 American Express Gift Card and be featured within the Green House, EarthCraft Homes Feature Community Groups, and included in the HomePros/EarthCraft Homes Contest Press Release.
ARTICLE CONTEST - Valentines Day Decorating Idea - December 9, 2008
The winner will receive a $100 American Express Gift Card and be featured within the Design Corner and Community Groups for our Valentines Day Special. They will also be given the option to add a monthly piece to this section on other topics pending approvals.
Renovations of the Generation - October 02, 2008
Follow the highs and lows in an 8-part series about the renovation of a 100 Year Old Historic Landmark Home!
7th Greenbuild International Conference & Expo - October 01, 2008
Boston to host the 2008 Greenbuild Conference & Expo November 18-22, 2008 - Come learn how green building is protecting and improving the environment.
Plenty Magazine - Voice to the Green Revolution - September 25, 2008
Explore news, products and bits on promoting and advocating the world in green!
Big Apple to host Architectural Digest Home Design Show - September 18, 2008
New York City to host AD Home Design Show Mar 26-29, 2009; this four-day event offers home furnishing resources for homeowners, professional and retailers.
Home Trends and Design Eco-Friendly Furniture - September 16, 2008
Find compelling designs inspired by nature and crafted from environmentally friendly materials!
Live Earth Announces Concert for a Climate in Crisis - August 18, 2008
India to host next Live Earth concert December 7, 2008 aimed at igniting a global green movement to solving environmental issues!
The We Campaign's Commitment to Re-powering America - August 15, 2008
Get involved in nonprofit, eco-friendly projects focused on clean energy sources for a better environment.
Las Vegas to host the 65th Annual International Builders' Show - July 21, 2008
Las Vegas to host the 2009 International Builders' Show January 20-23, 2009 - Get show info, travel accommodations, schedule, exhibits and more!