Featured Projects - Renovations of the Generation

    Renovations of the Generation

    An 8-part series about the renovation of a 100-year-old historic landmark home!

  • Introduction
  • Design & Budget Estimation
  • Demolition, Foundation & Front Porch
  • Framing & Deck
  • Electrical & Plumbing
  • Tile, Hardwood, Fixtures & Finishes
  • Punchlist and Move in
  • Lessons Learned

Renovations of the Generation - Part 1: Introduction

Project Overview
Almost a third of the homes in the United States are at least 45 years old - signifying a large majority of homes are in increasing need of remodeling and repair.* To highlight this trend, HomePros is exclusively covering the renovation of a 100 year old bungalow nestled inside Atlanta's historic Inman Park. The seven-part series takes you inside to experience each stage of the renovation and concludes with lessons learned to benefit homeowners considering future renovation projects.

History of the Home
Built in 1906, the bungalow was part of Atlanta's first planned community development and one of the nation's first garden suburbs. Inman Park is listed on the National Register for Historic Places and characterized as "Small Town Down Town" for its close proximity to downtown. Many of the original Victorian style homes are currently in a state of transformation due to the influx of a new generation of homeowners wanting to express their personal style - there are currently over 300 homes in various stages of restoration or renovation in Inman Park.

About the Homeowners
Brian and Jade are the current owners of the home. Brian owns a management consulting firm and Jade is President of Keilani Jade, LLC a professional interior design firm. Throughout the series, we will reference how Jade's interior design experience played a role in shaping the heart of their home. Brian and Jade purchased the bungalow in January 2007 and completed the design and d�cor plans in March 2008 with a vision of making this an unforgettable space for entertaining. Brian and Jade are living in a rental until the 6-8 month project is completed and ready for move-in.

Project Objective
The bungalow was partially renovated in 1999 with aesthetic upgrades. The goal of the renovation is to extend and open the home while injecting a more eclectic d�cor to suit their lifestyle and taste.

Up Next - Design and Budget Estimation!