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Linoleum and Laminate Flooring Installation Considerations

The 1950s were kind to linoleum flooring. Even though it had been invented 100 years prior to that decade, its popularity soared during the days of Donna Reed and Beaver Cleaver. With the development of easier-to-use and more modern floor designs, linoleum became a relic of a bygone era, almost completely out of use in newly constructed homes.

However, times are changing, and linoleum is enjoying a resurgence. This is due in part to the love of retro design that has swept the nation, but it has more to do with linoleum's value as a green material. Linoleum is composed of renewable resources including limestone and rosin. This aspect of linoleum has made it a favorite material of environmentally homeowners and designers.

Laminate floors continue to be popular because they're easy to install and care for, relatively inexpensive, and they can create a unique look without detracting from the rest of a house's design. Laminate floors can also do wonders for those who suffer from allergies, as they don't harbor allergens like carpets or other flooring materials.

Both laminate floors and linoleum floors can be found at affordable prices. Both materials have also become quite hip of late, as more designers see both their aesthetic and practical appeal. However, despite their rise in popularity, prices have remained about he same as high-end vinyl flooring for linoleum, and even cheaper for some laminate designs. Even with lower priced products available, it's crucial that you assmeble your budget before you enter into the design process, as you'll find that different brands, designs, and flourishes can greatly impact the cost of your project.

While laminate floors can be installed relatively quickly, it's important to know that linoleum installation is not a job generally left to amateurs. The majority of linoleum manufacturers will tell you that installation of their product should be left to professionals. The size of sheet linoleum, its habit of absorbing moisture, and its chance of a need for seams can make it very difficult to install.

However, once your linoleum floor is laid in, its durability, unique look and easy maintenance may make you wonder why it ever went away in the first place.