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Mosaic and Ceramic Floor Tile Installation Considerations

Before you plan out a design, create a budget, and start to envision how fantastic those new mosaic or ceramic tiles are going to look in your house, you need to consider your subfloor. The type and condition of your subfloor will directly affect the installation, appearance, and longevity of your mosaic and ceramic floor tiles.

A concrete subfloor is generally considered the optimum surface for supporting mosaic and ceramic tiles. Once you clean the concrete subfloor, you'll be able to bond your tiles directly to the floor. This direct bond does mean that the condition of the concrete will affect the condition of the mosaic or ceramic tiles. For instance, if cracks in the concrete subfloor expand, you can very easily see expanding cracks in your tile. However, if the concrete subfloor is in good condition, it remains the ideal subsurface for the installation process.

Plywood subfloors can cause serious problems with installation if they're not structurally sound. Even if a plywood subfloor is in good condition, it may not be thick enough or have a thick enough underlayment to support mosaic and ceramic floor tiles. If you have questions about your plywood subfloor, you can find professional contractors who will assess the situation for you, ensuring that your subfloor is up to the challenge of mosaic and ceramic tile installation.

If you already have ceramic or mosaic tile floors in place, you can pull them up and start over, or simply use them as part of your remodeling project. Again, you can see a distinct difference in the look and feel of the new tiles depending on which method you choose.

As far as aesthetics go, there's no shortage of options when it comes to mosaic and ceramic tiles. You'll find classic designs, Italian influenced tiles, Tahitian inspired looks, rustic stone replicas, Mexican layouts, and much more. Of course, the cost of mosaic and ceramic tiles varies greatly depending style, maker, size, and design, so it's important to create a budget early in the process. However, even if you have a relatively low budget, you can still find a design that will have an immediate and profound impact on the look and feel of your home.