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Sauna Considerations

Prefab or Custom - There is an abundance of prefabricated saunas on the market, from cedar to spruce, 4'x4' to 7'x8' and many are easy enough to install that an accomplished do-it-yourself type can take on the job himself. Alternately, a professional contractor can custom build any type of sauna to your exact specifications, or help you to upgrade or repair an existing sauna in your home.

Indoor or Outdoor - Where will your sauna reside? An indoor sauna provides more options, such as electrical outlets and more available wood types. If there's no available space indoors, or if you simply prefer to enhance your yard and enjoy life outside, an outdoor sauna may serve you best. Outdoor models may require treated wood and other measures to protect from the elements.

Heat - There are several available methods for heating your sauna. A traditional smoke sauna lets heated rocks warm the air. Continuous fire utilizes wood to provide a degree of rustic ambience. Electric saunas offer reliable heat and eliminate potential fire hazards. Gas is easy to regulate, enabling quick and precise temperature adjustments. Newer infrared heat sources are equally effective and purportedly offer additional health benefits.

Accessories - Vapor-proof lights, sand timers, aromatherapy diffusers and a host of other accessories can accent and improve your sauna experience.

Once only found in exclusive day spas or Finnish lakeside retreats, saunas are becoming more and more common in American homes. They are more affordable than many people assume, and can greatly enhance the resale value of any home. Unwinding in the heat and steam of your own private sauna can bring hours of solace and relief.

In addition to its relaxing atmosphere, the therapeutic powers of the sauna are legendary. Blood vessels open in the heat, induced sweat expunges impurities from the body, and steam eases respiratory problems. Plus, infrared heaters have been said to deeply and safely penetrate the skin, eliminate acne-causing bacteria. (However, if you have high blood pressure or heart disease, you may want to consult your doctor before deciding to invest in a sauna.) As a boon to both your physical and mental health, a sauna may just be the consummate addition to your home.